3:20 am
Sat September 10, 2011

Obama Launches Aggressive Push For Jobs Plan

President Obama speaks about his new jobs proposal at the University of Richmond in Richmond, Va., on Friday.
Jim Watson AFP/Getty Images

President Obama is selling his jobs plan as a much-needed shot in the arm for a still struggling economy. It includes new public works projects, help for local school districts, training opportunities for those who have been out of work a long time, and more than $200 billion in tax cuts for workers and the companies that hire them.

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Medal of Valor
6:44 pm
Fri September 9, 2011

Casper firefighter to receive Medal of Valor

Casper Fire Department

Rebecca Martinez
CASPER, WY (wpr) - Casper Firefighter Craig Kidder will be awarded the Public Safety Medal of Valor for rescuing a girl from the North Platte River in May.

Kidder was off-duty when he saw the girl drowning in the river. He dove in after her and swam her to shore, where Casper Police Officer Dan Dundas helped them out.

Last month, Converse County Sheriff's Deputy Bryan Gross died attempting a similar rescue.

Casper Fire Chief said Kidder disregarded his own safety when decided to rescue the girl.

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BLM guidelines
6:39 pm
Fri September 9, 2011

BLM to rewrite guidelines for review provision

Denver, CO (2011-09-09)

ASSOCIATED PRESS (wpr) - Western Energy Alliance says it's pleased to hear the Bureau of Land Management plans to draw up new guidelines for using a provision meant to speed up environmental reviews of oil and gas development on public land, rather than fight a judge's order that it stop using its existing guidance.

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6:34 pm
Fri September 9, 2011

UW extends Buchanan's contract

University of Wyoming

LARAMIE, WY (wpr) - The University of Wyoming Board of Trustees has approved a one-year extension of President Tom Buchanan's contract through June 30, 2015.

His salary will remain at $350,000.

Buchanan had made it clear to the board that he would refuse a salary increase, saying he couldn't accept a raise when UW faculty and staff are not receiving increases.

Trustees President Jim Neiman said Friday the board has tremendous confidence in Buchanan's leadership and continues to be impressed by UW's progress under his leadership.

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Reflecting On Sept. 11, 2001
4:18 pm
Fri September 9, 2011

New York City Beefs Up Security Ahead Of Sept. 11

Police officers watch travelers at the entrance of the Grand Central subway terminal in New York on Thursday. Security measures around the city were increased two days before the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.
Mladen Antonov AFP/Getty Images

New York City was on high alert this week, even before Thursday night's announcement that there was a "credible but unconfirmed" terrorist threat to New York and Washington, D.C. Newspaper headlines screamed about a city on lockdown.

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The Two-Way
3:43 pm
Fri September 9, 2011

Report: 160,000 Deported Without Facing Judge

Over the course of seven years, 160,000 immigrants have been deported without ever facing a judge, a new report reveals. Issued by the National Immigration Law Center, the report charges that the U.S. has used something called "stipulated removal" to strong arm immigrants into signing away their due process.

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3:39 pm
Fri September 9, 2011

Earlier Stimulus Offers Lessons For A Second Round

President Obama called on legislators on Thursday to pass his American Jobs Act, which proposes billions of dollars in new spending on infrastructure.

"Building a world-class transportation system is part of what made us an economic superpower," Obama told a joint session of Congress.

It's difficult to say exactly how much additional infrastructure spending would take place if the president's plan is approved by Congress. But experts say examining how — and if — previous stimulus projects created jobs can help maximize results for this round.

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The Picture Show
3:31 pm
Fri September 9, 2011

For Veterans, The Tough Climb Back To Civilian Life

Iraq War veteran Tyler Daly goes rock climbing in Colorado.
David Gilkey NPR

The lasting legacies of Sept. 11 are numerous — sometimes elusive. There's the altered New York City skyline and the ongoing war. There also are wounded soldiers coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan each year to face a new battle: Fitting back into civilian life.

Rehabilitation programs exist for those returning with physical wound, but little support exists for those with invisible wounds such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Shots - Health Blog
2:53 pm
Fri September 9, 2011

Babesia In The Blood? There Should Be A Test For That

Deer ticks like this one can spread a parasite that causes babesiosis. And infected people can spread it through blood donations.
Jim Gathany CDC

Originally published on Mon November 12, 2012 12:37 pm

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House & Senate Races
2:50 pm
Fri September 9, 2011

Republican Now Leads In Race To Replace Weiner

Rep. Anthony Weiner announced his resignation on June 16. With just days to go before the special election, the Republican candidate is running neck-and-neck in a heavily Democratic district.
Spencer Platt Getty Images

It's been more than two months since former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner resigned in disgrace after sending lewd messages on the internet and then lying about it. But now the race to fill his seat in Queens and Brooklyn is causing more headaches for Democrats.

With just days to go before a special election, a Siena College poll taken this week showed the Republican candidate with a six-point advantage in a heavily Democratic district.

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