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7:47 pm
Mon November 23, 2009

Death warrant hearing set for lone death row inmate

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1:41 pm
Mon November 23, 2009

Protecting workers against workplace fatalities

Wyoming – For the past several years Wyoming has had one of the highest rates of workplace fatalities in the country. This year industry representatives and state officials have been trying to identify ways to better protect workers. Wyoming Public Radio's Renny MacKay reports on what may change and what won't.

1:39 pm
Mon November 23, 2009

Regulating carbon sequestration

Wyoming – The Judiciary Committee did agree to sponsor a bill that further regulates carbon sequestration. That's the process of storing carbon dioxide underground. It's been hailed as a way to make the coal industry "cleaner." Nancy Freudenthal is on the state's carbon sequestration task force, which advises the legislature on the issue. She tells Addie Goss that this new bill addresses legal responsibility for carbon dioxide once it's injected underground. Part of the process involves bonds.

1:37 pm
Mon November 23, 2009

H-I-V numbers in Wyoming have tripled over the last year

Wyoming – In Wyoming , the numbers of those with H-I-V has tripled over the last year. Wyoming health officials have instituted a variety of efforts to test more people for H-I-V and some say this proves the testing is working. But for others, the increase of newly positive cases is troubling. Bob Beck reports.

1:36 pm
Mon November 23, 2009

Women who have tested HIV positive tell their stories

Wyoming – Following up on the HIV/Aids theme, we hear from a number of women who have tested HIV positive.

1:31 pm
Mon November 23, 2009

Effects of climate change legislation on Wyoming's extractive industries

Wyoming – Wind could become important in Wyoming as Congress begins debate on climate change legislation. But while renewable energy could find a niche, Wyoming is loaded with extractive industries that could be harmed by such legislation. American businesses are also watching very closely. Some are worried that a new law could bankrupt them with energy costs. But others see a bright future under carbon limits. Julie Grant of the Environment Report has the story.

1:29 pm
Mon November 23, 2009


Wyoming – In the 1960s, a graduate student named Tom Crocker came up with a way to curb emissions: put a cap on them and let companies trade permits that let them pollute within those limits. This may sound familiar. Cap-and-trade is now the biggest idea for addressing climate change. A bill is before Congress. And Tom Crocker is a retired University of Wyoming economist living west of town. He speaks with Addie Goss.

1:24 pm
Mon November 23, 2009

Taxidermy in Wyoming

Wyoming – Mounted elk and mule deer and antelope are ubiquitous in Wyoming, and across the west. They're in homes and bars. They're for sale in thrift shops, and on display in small-town grocery stores from Saratoga to Smoot. And behind every mounted head there's a process. Wyoming Public Radio's Molly Messick has this story.