WY Elections
7:00 am
Mon September 22, 2008

Carter, Rothfuss and Enzi React to Bailout

Laramie, WY – Democratic U-S Senate hopeful Nick Carter says Washington and Wall Street need a face-lift in light of the government's 700-billion dollar economic bailout.
Carter is running against Senator John Barrasso: "I don't know who has been asleep at the bus here, but it's a staggering amount. We need to redo the way Washington does business. We need to redo the way Wall Street gets off the hook; we need accountability and we need that in spades right now."

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2:14 am
Mon September 22, 2008

Wamsutter rising

Wyoming – Oil and gas in southwest Wyoming have turned this town along Interstate 80 into a symbol of the state's growth. But the question few people seem willing to address is: what happens when the oil runs dry? Peter O'Dowd reports.

2:12 am
Mon September 22, 2008

Talking with Superintendent Jim McBride

Wyoming – The state department of education recently released a summary that shows how school districts across the state are doing in a variety of areas. Bob Beck talks with State Superintendent Jim McBride about the report.

2:08 am
Mon September 22, 2008

State lawmakers consider smoking ban

Wyoming – A Wyoming committee is proposing a statewide smoking ban. The question is whether to outlaw smoking in all public places or if certain places like bars and restaurants should be exempt. But previous attempts at a smoking ban have failed. Addie Goss reports.

2:06 am
Mon September 22, 2008

Changes could hurt Endangered Species Act

Wyoming – The departments of Interior and Commerce have proposed rule changes that could weaken aspects of the Endangered Species Act. For more on the issue, Bob Beck talks to Debra Donahue, a law professor at the University of Wyoming who writes extensively about environmental issues.

2:05 am
Mon September 22, 2008

New twist in wolf delisting

Wyoming – A federal wildlife official said this week that the government will stop trying to take wolves off the endangered species list, for now. For more, Elsa Partan talks with two news people: Chad Baldwin, the editor of the Casper Star-Tribune and Scott McMillion, a reporter in Montana who covered the wolf story for 20 years.

2:03 am
Mon September 22, 2008

Snowmobiles in Yellowstone Park

Wyoming – A U.S. district judge in Washington blocked Yellowstone National Park's plan to let in 540 snowmobiles each day this winter. The case has resurrected a debate among national park users: what are the parks for? Elsa Partan reports.

2:01 am
Mon September 22, 2008

Yellowstone passes 20th anniversary of giant fire

Wyoming – This year marks the 20th anniversary of intense fires that blazed through Yellowstone National Park. Fire is a natural part of the park and occurs regularly, but in 1988, Yellowstone was affected by fires that you only see once a century. Jennie Cecil Moore reports from Yellowstone.

1:58 am
Mon September 22, 2008

A different approach to teaching: Revisioning the Whole

Wyoming – Combine physics with Shakespeare and you get something called inter-disciplinary education. It's a new focus at the University of Wyoming. Bob Beck reports.

1:56 am
Mon September 22, 2008

A tumultuous week on Wall Street

Wyoming – This week saw a string of interventions on Wall Street by the federal government. Elsa Partan talks to Ed Bradley and Sherrill Shaffer, two Wyoming economists.