WPR News
9:05 am
Tue March 11, 2008

Water Concerns Worry Saratoga Irrigators

Saratoga, Wy – Upper Platte Valley irrigators are nervous about a plan by the state of Wyoming to take some water from Pathfinder Reservoir to help preserve some endangered species in Nebraska. The move would be part of an agreement between the two states. But despite verbal assurances by Wyoming officials that irrigators would not be harme. Platte Valley Water Users Association President Joe Glode wants it in writing. Since the state has been unwilling to provide that, Glode says they are very concerned.

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WPR News
9:02 am
Tue March 11, 2008

Game Officials Try To Move Elk


Rawlins, Wy – State game officials are planning to use
hay to bait elk away from poisonous lichen in the Red Rim area near
The effort is being undertaken after five more elk were found
paralyzed and had to be euthanized.
Officials say 10,000 pounds of hay has been brought into the
area to help convince the small heard of elk to move farther south
on the Red Rim to places where there's either less lichen or the
plant is still covered with snow.
They say the hay baiting is experimental and is not a new feed

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WPR News
8:58 am
Tue March 11, 2008

More Bison Near Yellowstone Killed


Yellowstone National Park – More Yellowstone bison have been captured or killed in this winter than in any previous year. Under a multi-agency program to keep bison from leaving the park and entering Montana, more than 11-hundred bison have been killed or are heading to slaughter, breaking a record set in 1997. This is angering bison advocates like West Yellowstone landowner Ann Stovall who is upset with Montana's Department of Livestock.

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WPR News
8:56 am
Tue March 11, 2008

Laramie Mayor Looks For Money

Laramie, Wy – A government trust fund used to build and repair highways is running low on cash - and states and local governments are looking for other ways to fund those projects. That's one issue being discussed this week at a conference of the National League of Cities in Washington, D.C. One of 23 Wyoming representatives at the conference is Laramie Mayor Klaus Hansen. He says because Wyoming's cities are few and far between, state and local governments have a tough decision to make.

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11:55 am
Mon March 10, 2008

All eyes on the Democrats

Wyoming – For the first time in recent memory, Wyoming Democrats are basking the attention of presidential candidates, as their caucus nears. Peter O'Dowd reports.

11:52 am
Mon March 10, 2008

State Democrats React to National Attention

Wyoming – It can be a little lonely for the state's Democrats. With their party in the spotlight this week, two veteran Democrats, State Senators Jayne Mockler and Mike Massie, talked with Bob Beck about what high-profile visits from national Democrats mean to them.

11:51 am
Mon March 10, 2008

Yellowstone Fire Results Surprising

Wyoming – It's been twenty years since fire burned a third of Yellowstone National Park. Now wildfire managers are getting new information about how susceptible the park may be to fire. Elsa Partan reports.

11:49 am
Mon March 10, 2008

Legislators End 59th Session in High Spirits

Wyoming – The Wyoming legislative session ended today and lawmakers are dislocating their shoulders patting themselves on the back. Bob Beck reports.

11:48 am
Mon March 10, 2008

Coal-Bed Methane Water a Concern

Wyoming – This legislative session a bill failed that would have regulated the water that comes from CBM development. That water has been known to harm crops and flood property. Bob Beck interviews Jill Morrison of the Powder River Basin Resource Council. She says she's not shocked that the bill failed.

11:46 am
Mon March 10, 2008

Bill Clinton Speaks in Laramie

Wyoming – On Thursday, the line ran down the block and around the corner as thousands of people waited to see former president Bill Clinton in Laramie. Wyoming Public Radio's Addie Goss chatted with them while they waited.