WPR News
9:13 am
Wed May 24, 2006

U-S Attorney Announces Arrests

Cheyenne, Wy – The U-S Attorney's Office in Cheyenne says
police have arrested dozens of people in Wyoming on federal drug
charges since last Friday. And officials say more arrests are
Law Enforcement Coordinator Tony Young with the U-S Attorney's
Office says that about 100 law enforcement officers from federal,
tribal, state and local agencies participated in searches and
arrests in Fremont County early this morning (Wednesday).
Young said 18 arrests were made today in Fremont County, Casper,

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WPR News
9:11 am
Wed May 24, 2006

School Board To Reconsider Drug Testing

Casper, Wy – The Natrona County school board is taking
another look at a proposal to require all job applicants to take
drug tests.
The board considered the policy in January but put off adopting
it until it could hear more comments on the idea and do more
Teachers in the school district object to the proposal, saying
it could open the school district to legal challenges. And the
school board appears divided on the issue.
One school board member, Donn McCall, says he's concerned that

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WPR News
9:10 am
Wed May 24, 2006

Freudenthal Defends Funding

Cheyenne, Wy – Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal says he has no problem with the state funding a private religious organization. The Governor was responding to allegations that the state is improperly giving money to a group called Faith Initiatives of Wyoming. That organization in turn provides money to community and faith based organizations. Some have questioned whether it is constitutional for the state to fund a religious organization. Freudenthal says the constitution clearly says that the state can provide money if it gets something in return.

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WPR News
7:33 am
Wed May 24, 2006

National Test Not All Good News

Laramie, Wy – Wyoming fourth and eighth graders are above average at science. On the national exam known as NAEP the students scored in the top ten in the country. But, the news is not all good. Only about a third of them are considered proficient or advanced at science. The State Superintendent, Jim McBride, says of course they want to improve this. And to that end he says in two years they will give students a state level science test and he says that will create more accountability and improve scores on the NAEP test.

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WPR News
8:32 am
Tue May 23, 2006

Crank Says No Need For New Investigation

Laramie, Wy – The Anti-defamation league is joining others expressing concern about whether Wyoming is improperly providing funds to religious organizations. At issue is whether the state is acting improperly by contracting with a group called Faith Initiatives who then spends state and federal money to help youth and strengthen families. Regional Director Bruce DeBoskey is asking Attorney General Pat Crank to launch a full scale investigation into whether the expenditures violate the state constitution.

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WPR News
8:30 am
Tue May 23, 2006

Gov Wants Tougher Sex Offender Laws

Gillette, Wy – Governor Dave Freudenthal urged lawmakers
today (Tuesday) to tighten Wyoming's sex offender laws in next
year's legislative session.
Speaking at the Joint Judiciary Interim Committee meeting in
Gillette, Freudenthal urged the passage of a law to set a mandatory
minimum sentence of life in prison for anyone who sexually assaults
a child.
But some lawmakers are wary of that proposal, saying NOT all
cases are the same and mandatory sentences would limit the options
available to the judicial system.

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WPR News
8:27 am
Tue May 23, 2006

Brokeback Mountain May Help Wyoming

Cheyenne, Wy –

2006 marks the first summer tourist season since the release of the movie Brokeback Mountain. The Travel Industry Association of America forecasts a relatively flat travel season compared to last year. But the famous gay cowboy blockbuster may help shield Wyoming's tourism industry from a lackluster summer. Dude Ranchers Association spokeswoman Colleen Hodson says travelers are still interested in seeing the movie's beauty first-hand.
Hodson says dude ranch vacation bookings are up across the West but she won't have seasonal results until the

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