WPR News
9:34 am
Wed April 5, 2006

Freudenthal Worried About Montana Water Regs

Cheyenne, Wy – The governor of Wyoming has asked the
Environmental Protection Agency to reject water quality rules
proposed by the state of Montana.
Governor Dave Freudenthal says the Montana rules would severely limit natural gas production in Wyoming. He
wants the E-P-A to appoint a mediator to resolve the issue between
the two states.
But Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer says his state intends to
stick by its rules. And he says that he's disappointed Freudenthal
took the issue to federal regulators.

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WPR News
9:31 am
Wed April 5, 2006

New Arts Director Chosen

Cheyenne, Wy – The Wyoming Arts Council has a new manager. Longtime employee Rita Basom
replaces Milward Simpson who left to lead the division of cultural resources. Basom led a successful fundraising effort for the Arts council in 2003 and says she hopes to get Artists and Art Associations more involved in what the Council does.

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WPR News
8:48 am
Tue April 4, 2006

Personal Income Growing Fast in WY, But Unevenly

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WPR News
9:23 am
Mon April 3, 2006

Hunkins Thinks People Impacts Outrank Wildlife Impacts

Laramie, Wy – A candidate for Governor says the focus in areas impacted by energy development should be on people. During an interview on Wyoming Public Radio Republican Ray Hunkins said he did not know what additional environmental protections would be needed in the Jonah Gas Field in Western Wyoming. But he knows where the focus should be and that is people. Hunkins is concerned that too much of the focus has been on impacts to Wildlife.

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WPR News
9:16 am
Mon April 3, 2006

Freudenthal Announces For Reelection

Thermopolis, Wyoming – Governor Freudenthal says the reception
has been remarkable at three campaign stops across the state where
he announced he would seek a second term as governor today
Speaking first in his hometown of Thermopolis, Freudenthal said
he's confident that Wyoming has moved in the right direction since
he took office.
Later in the day, Freudenthal also spoke to crowds in Casper and
Freudenthal, a Democrat, says he's been successful in his first

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6:53 am
Fri March 31, 2006

Laramie Prostitution

Laramie, WY – To wrap up Women's History Month, Kristin Espeland speaks with historian Carol Lee Bowers about the colorful, complex history of prostitution in Laramie.

6:52 am
Fri March 31, 2006

Reporters' Roundtable

Wyoming – Wyoming journalists discuss their take on the turbulent search for a new president of the University of Wyoming with Aaron Alpern.

6:51 am
Fri March 31, 2006

Buffalo Sprawl

Johnson County, WY – Western sprawl is threatening agricultural and ranch lands around Buffalo, and one developer has a new approach to curbing it. Reporter Elizabeth Davis has the story from Johnson County.

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6:50 am
Fri March 31, 2006

Ray Hunkins

Cheyenne, WY – Governor Dave Freudenthal's Republican challenger for the governorship shares his campaign platform with Bob Beck.

6:49 am
Fri March 31, 2006

Women in Poverty

Wyoming – Wyoming's single mothers risk falling into poverty more than other demographics, and Bob Beck reports their struggles to raise children and go to school can seem insurmountable.